Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Product Review: Kite Hill White Alder vegan cheese

 I am so excited! My local Whole Foods just got Kite Hill cheeses.

Kite Hill is cultured and aged using traditional cheese-making methods. It's the first vegan cheese to be featured in Whole Foods' specialty cheese department. Up until recently, it was only available in California, but it's slowly rolling out to other places. Now it's finally reached South Florida.

Look at this:

This gorgeous circle of creamy goodness is the white alder variety. It has a soft rind, but the inside is as creamy and smooth as any dairy cheese could be. The flavor is very mild - to the point that on it's own I thought it was slightly too mild, but combined with a touch of salt from a cracker it just comes alive.

This is a very expensive product. (This 6 oz round cost me $13.99) It's not an everyday item, for certain. But  for special occasions or those little luxuries we all occasionally need... it's so worth it!

Perhaps more importantly, it proves it can be done. It proves that a vegan cheese can be a genuine equal of a dairy cheese. You'll have to try it to believe it, but believe it you will!

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  1. Oooh yummy! I wish the grocery stores near me would start carrying this delicious looking/sounding stuff. I'm going to have to search for this. LOL!