Recipe Index

Recipe Index
The following is an index of all the recipes found in this blog, which I hope to keep up-to-date as I go. You will find that certain entries may be linked more than once. For example, Basil Mayo is listed under staples, but the instructions for making it actually appear in the same entry as Grilled & Chilled Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches. This cross-referencing is for the convenience of finding individual recipes, even though more than one recipe may appear in an entry.

Not included in this index are the recipe ideas in the post 20 Recipes for Vegans Who Can't Cook.

GF = gluten-free. (All recipes are soy-free unless otherwise specified, provided you use soy-free components, e.g. soy-free vegan butter, soy-free mayo, etc.)

Desserts (first, because life is short)
Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake
Chocolate Fudge - GF
Chocolate Cake - GF
Currant & Walnut Applesauce Cake
Halvah Cookies (sesame cookies) - GF
Mandel brate (chocolate chip cookie loaf)
Mightee Fruity Ice-Creamy - GF
Peanut Butter Fudge - GF
Pina Colada Ice Cream - GF
Shay's Strawberry Tart

Appetizers, Dips, and Salads
Creamy Spinach Dip - GF
Nacho Salad - optional GF (prepared rice mix, tortilla strips)
Roasted Beet & Kale Salad with Agave Mustard Vinaigrette - GF
Save the Tuna Salad - GF, contains soy sauce

Strawberry-Banana Green Smoothie - GF
Marzipan Hot Cocoa - GF

Banana Bread, Fool-proof No-Fat
Key Lime Chia Bread

Apple Pie Oatmeal Bites

Main Dishes
Antipasto Sub - optional GF (prepared bread)
Cool Black Bean Wraps with Tomato-Corn Salsa - optional GF (prepared tortilla)
Grilled & Chilled Roasted Vegetable Sandwiches with Basil Mayo - optional GF (prepared bread)
Kasey's Killer Enchiladas - optional GF (prepared tortilla)
Lasagne with Almond Ricotta optional GF (prepared noodles)
Pesto Pasta with Roasted Green Beans and Toasted Walnuts - optional GF (prepared noodles)
Roasted Veggie Pizza optional GF (prepared pizza crust)
Sork & Powerkraut (Vegan Pork & Sauerkraut)
Tabbouleh Tacos

Side Dishes
Kale Chips - GF
LRC Mustard-Glazed Carrots - GF
Roasted Asparagus - GF
Roasted Green Beans - GF
Roasted Rainbow Carrot & Potato Hash - GF
Roasted Summer Squash - GF

Soups & Stews
LRC Instant Carrot Vegetable Soup
LRC Smoky Bean & Bac'n Soup optional GF (prepared seasoning)

Agave Mustard Vinaigrette - GF
Basil Mayo - GF
Easy Almond Ricotta - GF
Whole Wheat Croutons

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