Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Carrot Vegetable Soup, Lazy Rotten Cheater Style

This carrot vegetable soup looks completely awesome, right?

(Excuse the cheesy cutting board - it's in the kitchen at the office.)
It looks fresh, bright, hearty and delicious. And it is! It also takes absolutely zero work. 

This is how you make it: 

Imagine soups are my go-to lunch. You can't beat this for taste, nutrition, or cost. One box of soup and one bag of steamed vegetables will last me for three lunches -- for an approximate cost of $2.50 per serving, which is cheaper than a can of soup, and tastes so much fresher. They're also low in calories, and even adding a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper & sea salt, it's lower in sodium than most canned soups.

It's quick to make (the first day takes the longest, when you have to steam the veggies, but the next two days you just toss the leftover veggies into the soup before reheating). Plus, you can have endless variations. Today's soup was creamy carrot almond with asparagus, corn, and baby carrots. Yesterday's was creamy broccoli with peas. When I need something a little more filling, I'll just enjoy the whole bag of steamed veggies with my soup, or toss in some leftover grains - rice, bulgur, quinoa, whatever is on hand.

For quick vegan lunch at work, I think this is a terrific and healthy solution. But honestly, I wouldn't be embarrassed to put that lovely bowl on the table at dinner either! 


  1. Ooo, this looks like a competitor to the Pacific cashew carrot ginger soup. I haven't seen this one. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. And I'm always a little sad that you can't do "can of soup" meals as a vegan very much.

    1. Ooooh, I haven't see the Pacific one! I'll look out for that.

      Yes, isn't it surprising how many soups that seem like they should be vegan have some kind of hidden ingredient? Crazy! But doing it this way is better for you overall anyway.

  2. Nothing's better than cheating your way to a delicious meal. Nothing. Love this! :)

    1. I am seriously a pro at being a lazy rotten cheater! The easiest possible way to make a meal is the way I'm going to make it. :-)